1600 Addison v. Region 8

Case No: 1600


At the time of his discharge, Addison was working under the terms of a reinstatement agreement which stated that future violations of Company shop rules would result in discharge. Addison was discharged for violating a Company policy prohibiting employees from reporting to work for overtime before 5:00 a.m. Addison claimed that he did not know about the policy, but the record demonstrates that the employees in his department had been reminded about it at least once. Addison’s failure to keep himself informed about the rules operating in his department can be said to have amounted to defiance of those rules. The Regional Representative’s decision that the reinstatement agreement would prevent him from obtaining any relief for Addison through the grievance procedure did not lack a rational basis, therefore. There is no evidence to connect Addison’s discharge to the EEOC charge he filed about having been denied a promotion.