1597 Alejandro v. Local Union 2244

Case No: 1597


Three of the charges satisfied the requirements of Article 31, §3, of the International Constitution, so it was proper for the Local Union to conduct a trial on those charges. The trial on the charges was not conducted in accordance with the procedures outlined in Article 31 of the Constitution and the UAW Ethical Practices Codes, however. The manner in which the Trial Committee members were selected created an appearance of unfairness and political influence. The refusal by the Local Union President to excuse Alejandro’s witnesses until after the trial was underway and the refusal by the Trial Committee to give Alejandro the opportunity to confront her accusers violated well-established principles of due process. Alejandro objected to these procedures at the commencement of the trial. At that point, it was the duty of the Trial Committee to postpone the trial until these defects could be corrected.

The Union’s request for reconsideration was denied.