1648 Amore and Russo v. International President

Case No: 1648


The UAW’s policy against allowing retired members to hold executive offices that require bargaining or grievance handling is by now well established. When appellants objected to the local president, recording secretary, and financial secretary continuing in office after they retired, the International Union removed the president from office in accordance with its well-established policy. His removal did not contravene any right guaranteed by the UAW Constitution or the Ethical Practices Codes. However, the IEB’s decision to allow the recording secretary and financial secretary to remain in office raises a concern about the consistent application of the International Union’s policy. Even if the occupants of these two positions do not regularly engage in bargaining, the potential for them to perform such duties exists. The International Union should take steps as soon as practicable to clarify the narrow exceptions to its policy against retirees holding public office in order to avoid a future finding that union rules are not being applied fairly and uniformly.