1742 Anderson-Shearen v. International President

Case No: 1742


This appeal should not have been rejected as untimely. The record supports a conclusion that Anderson-Shearen diligently pursued her appeal regarding this issue. The International Union referred Anderson-Shearen’s appeals back to the Regional Director rather than referring them to the IEB.  This suggested that the merger was still an open question so that an appeal to the IEB would be premature. It was not until she became aware of the letter from UAW Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Williams dated March 11, 2013, that Andersen-Shearen knew the issue was officially decided.  That is when the time limit specified in Article 33, 4(c) began to run.  Her appeal postmarked March 30 and received on April 3, 2013 was, therefore, timely.  There is no point in referring this case back to the International Union for further review, however, because the Regional Director’s decision to merge the two local was so clearly within his Constitutional authority and did not violate any of Anderson-Shearen’s rights as a UAW member.