1514 Austin v. Local Union 594

Case No: 1514


The Local Union’s members were in the best position to resolve the disputes concerning the conduct of the recall meeting on April 25, and to express their resolutions in response to motions presented in the course of a membership meeting. The minutes of the membership meeting held on May 2, 2004, demonstrate that the decision to conduct the second meeting was the subject of extensive discussion by parties on both sides of the issue. Two separate votes were taken on the question and both times the membership supported the decision to conduct the second meeting. The report that 1,706 members of Local 594 made the effort to appear at the second recall meeting and that 98 percent of those present voted to recall has not been disputed. Clearly, the overwhelming majority of the Local membership wanted to recall Gene Austin. The debate over the propriety of the procedure designed to achieve that purpose should now be considered closed.

Issues addressed in this decision