1787 Bailey v. UAW-Ford Department

Case No: 1787


We asked the International Union to provide information about the process used to evaluate applicants for the Toolmaker position Bailey sought in August 2016. It is now clear that the award of the promotion to the three men in this case was not dependent on any interviewer’s subjective assessment. The Company’s job posting on August 29, 2016, listed possession of a Journeyperson’s card or eight years’ experience in the Toolmaker classification as a requirement for the job. In response to our inquiry, the International Union explained that the three successful candidates were distinguished from Bailey because they possessed these credentials, which Bailey does not. The Sterling Heights plant no longer employs Diemakers. The skills of the Diemaker classification have been merged with the Tool and Die Maker trade at Ford Motor Company. In order to qualify for a skilled trades position at the Sterling Heights plant, Bailey would have to enter an apprenticeship program and earn the appropriate credentials in one of the core trades operating at the plant.