1725 Bell v. Local Union 140

Case No: 1725


It may well be that other members of Local Union 140 whose membership had technically lapsed for failure to certify for “out-of-work” credits were permitted to run for office, but if this occurred it was apparently because no one challenged these members when they accepted nomination.  Bell’s good standing was challenged thus prompting the election committee to investigate his status.  The election committee properly declared Bell ineligible to run for committeeperson when the lapse in his good standing was discovered.  Bell has not shown that the local has not applied the certification requirement to other candidates whose good standing was challenged.  Although the local union might have done more to investigate what was required of Bell so as to advise him about his obligations under the Constitution, it is ultimately the discharged member’s responsibility to maintain good standing in the union if in the future he intends to seek election to a local union office.