1806 Butler v. UAW Region 1

Case No: 1806


Appellant disagrees with the International Representative’s conclusion that the collective bargaining agreement did not entitle him to the pay increase sought in his grievance.  The PRB, however, will not overturn the grievance-handler’s interpretation of applicable agreement terms, provided the interpretation rests upon a rational basis.  Here, the International Union has demonstrated a rational basis for the contract interpretation adopted by UAW Region 1.  Memorandum 1 of the UAW-FCA National Agreement sets forth a detailed methodology for determining the initial salary of an employee who moves from an HBU position to an SBU position.  Therefore, the agreement’s lack of specificity regarding subsequent pay increases cannot be used to argue for a sharp increase in pay shortly after an employee’s promotion.  The overall structure of the agreement is to gradually move in-progression employees to top-of-scale wages. Appellant’s proposal to snap-up to the maximum wage rate runs contrary to the agreement’s basic design.