1652 Christensen v. Local Union 2071 Executive Board

Case No: 1652


Although Christensen’s charges appear to satisfy the tests set forth in Article 31, §3, of the Constitution, we can understand the International Union’s reluctance to send this matter back to Local 2071 for the purpose of conducting a trial. There seems little likelihood that this local union administration will be capable of putting together a trial committee and conducting a trial that satisfies the UAW Constitutional standards of due process. An investigation by the IEB into possible violations of the Ethical Practices Codes and intervention by that body to address those violations could eliminate the need for an expensive and disruptive trial. We direct the IEB to conduct an investigation to determine if a trial should be conducted on the charges against McClusty or whether some other type of intervention on the part of the International Union is warranted to restore democratic procedures at Local Union 2071.