1681 Dailey v. Region 2B

Case No: 1681


The decision to withdraw Dailey’s grievance from arbitration without obtaining any meaningful settlement from management was inconsistent with the UAW’s minimum standards for handling grievances of high seniority employees.  After his meeting with management in June, the Regional Representative knew that he could not obtain Dailey’s reinstatement through negotiations with the Company.  At that point, he had a duty to commence a serious investigation into the prospect of a successful arbitration and he did not do that.  If the International Representative had explained to the experts within the International Union’s arbitration department that he had a discharged employee with 18 years seniority and a decent work record, who arguably misrepresented that he was three or four minutes late for work, and that no meaningful settlement could be negotiated, he would almost certainly have been advised to take the case to arbitration.