1529 Ford v. IEB

Case No: 1529


The first sentence of Article 35, §3(a), states the general requirement that units of an amalgamated local shall have proportional representation. If that were the sole intent and purpose of the section, there would have been no need for the second sentence. The second sentence of §3(a) specifically mandates as an additional requirement that each unit have at least two delegates. Ford’s appeal has identified a divergence between the practice at Local 600 and a clearly formulated requirement of the Constitution that deserves consideration and ought to be addressed. Local Union 600 is directed to allocate an additional General Council delegate to the HFHS-RN Unit and to conduct an election for that position.

Board members Theodore J. St. Antoine and Janice R. Bellace concurred, and Board member James E. Jones, Jr. dissented.

Issues addressed in this decision