1589 Grima and Hayosh v. IEB

Case No: 1589


Candidates in the election had challenged the eligibility of retirees from the former Local 174 to vote in the election. Under the circumstances, the Election Committee should have determined which members were from the old Local Union and issued them challenged ballots. Furthermore, the retirees from the old Local were appointed to the Election Committee and actively participated in making decisions about arrangements for tabulating the ballots. This level of involvement by appointed members violated Article 38, §10(c), of the Constitution. In addition, the IEB’s investigation revealed that the Election Committee did not follow the very specific and detailed rules set forth in the UAW Guide to Local Election Committees in connection with the tabulation of the ballots and the maintenance of election materials after the vote was cast. These deficiencies, when coupled with the Local Union officers’ dismissive treatment of the concerns raised by the protesters prior to the election justified the IEB’s decision to overturn the results of the election.