1467 Kidd v. IEB

Case No: 1467


The PRB will intervene in the removal of an appointed representative only when it concludes that a department such as the DaimlerChrysler Department has used its discretion unreasonably or for an impermissible purpose. There is nothing in the record to support Kidd’s claim that her removal was in retaliation for her support for a candidate opposed to Nate Gooden for Regional Director during the 32nd Constitutional Convention Delegate elections in 1998.

Even if Kidd had been able to demonstrate that other analysts failed to meet the new guidelines established by the DaimlerChrysler Department for ergonomic analysts, this circumstance by itself would be insufficient to establish that the Department’s decision to remove Kidd was politically motivated, or that her removal violated the due process guaranteed by the UAW Ethical Practices Codes. The necessity for the new guidelines was convincingly explained by the NTC Coordinator.