1459 King and Charney v. Local Union 600

Case No: 1459 II


Local 600 is an Amalgamated Local Union with a Joint Council established pursuant to Article 35, §2, of the Constitution. In accordance with Article VIII, §1(a), of the Local’s Bylaws, the Election Committee required by Article 38, §10(c), of the Constitution is elected by the General Council from among its members at the same time and in the same manner as all of the other General Council Committees. In the case of the Election Committee, five people ran for the five available seats so that the members were considered elected by acclamation. Article 38, §17, of the International Constitution recognizes the validity of elections by acclamation; therefore, such elections are democratic within the meaning of Article 38 §10(c). Although the processing of appellants’ appeal to the IEB was delayed as a result of the International Union’s decision to hold the case pending the outcome of the Department of Labor’s investigation into King’s complaint about the election, all of appellants’ claims were eventually reviewed. There was no substance to appellants’ other claims regarding the conduct of the 2002 elections at Local 600.

Issues addressed in this decision