1499 King and Ford v. Local 600 Executive Board

Case No: 1499


Local 600’s Bylaws assign specific bargaining and grievance handling responsibilities to the Financial Secretary-Treasurer. The International Union’s policy forbidding retirees from holding offices which involve collective bargaining duties applies to any office, not only those described in Article 45. As a retiree, therefore, Bob King was ineligible to run for the office of Local 600 Financial Secretary-Treasurer. The Election Committee correctly applied the Constitution to declare King ineligible to run for the office of Financial Secretary-Treasure, so King’s charges arising out of that decision were properly disqualified under Article 31, §3(c), of the Constitution. King’s and Ford’s charges addressing the manner in which President Sullivan chaired the General Council meeting on May 10, 2004, were properly disqualified under the well-established rule that officers will not be answerable to charges for actions taken in connection with their official duties.