1487 Lescoe v. Local Union 900

Case No: 1487


The coincidence of Lescoe’s discharge and the election is not sufficient circumstantial evidence to support the improbable conclusion that Ford Motor Company officials and the officers of Local 900 set up an unauthorized work stoppage simply to justify Lescoe’s discharge. Nevertheless, we find that the Local Union’s handling of Lescoe’s grievance protesting the discharge was inadequate, for it never interviewed Lescoe’s accuser or established any basis for the claim that Lescoe instigated the work stoppage. Lescoe obtained a settlement from Ford Motor Company on the issues raised by the grievance, so that aspect of the appeal is only relevant in that it kept him out of the plant while the rerun of the election was being conducted. Although, the decision to conduct an election under these circumstances was patently unfair, Lescoe’s failure to appeal that decision to the membership has deprived us of any basis for action. The remedy requested by appellant cannot be granted for the Constitution does not authorize this Board to expedite appeals or supervise Local Union elections.