1569 Mitz v. Region 1D

Case No: 1569


Mitz was disciplined for refusing a job assignment which he felt was inconsistent with his rights under the collective bargaining agreement. The International Representative and the Local Shop Committee settled Mitz’s grievances based on their interpretation of the contract. We will not interfere with a local union’s judgment on a matter of contract interpretation unless it can be shown to have been irrational. Mitz’s legitimate complaints about the Supervisor’s behavior towards African-Americans were investigated by the Local Union Civil Rights Committee, and Management was made aware of the Supervisor’s inappropriate comments. By this time, however, the Supervisor was no longer employed by GM. The Company agreed to abide by Paragraph (6a) of the National Agreement. There was nothing more to be gained by pursuing Mitz’s grievance. The fact that racial tensions have existed in the past and may recur is not the basis for any specific relief.