1735 Mock v. UAW-Chrysler Department

Case No: 1735


The Constitutional restriction on appeals from decisions pertaining to the appointment and removal of representatives expressly recognizes the IEB’s authority to review such decisions. Mock raised a sufficient number of questions about the decision to remove her to require further investigation.  That investigation has now taken place.  The record affirms that the union gave careful consideration to Mock’s arguments about retaliation. The union’s investigation, including reports received from a number of people familiar with the situation in the plant, led to the realization that Mock’s combative attitude had resulted in a breakdown of the working relationship she had with management.  The UAW-Chrysler Department viewed this as negatively impacting her ability to be effective in resolving health and safety issues at this plant under this management.  The IEB’s investigation established that no impermissible reasons affected the Assistant Director’s conclusions about Mock’s suitability for the position of Health and Safety Representative.