1710 Neu v. UAW-Chrysler Department

Case No: 1710


The union’s handling of the seniority issues and preferential hiring practices at Kenosha and the Milwaukee Parts Depot was consistent with the applicable agreements. Neu had only worked under the Local 72-AMC Agreement when he broke his seniority in 1994.  He was not brought under the UAW-Chrysler P&M Agreement after AMC ceased operations.  He did not have enough seniority at the Kenosha plant to be recalled to active employment on or after March 20, 1989, prior to the termination of his seniority.  Neu had no recall rights at the Milwaukee Parts Depot so he was not entitled to notice whenever the Milwaukee Parts Depot hired new employees.  Neu’s grievance addressing this issue is also untimely.  Neu was informed of possible openings at the Kenosha plant on March 24, 2000.  He was also advised that this was the last opportunity for any preferential hiring consideration based on his employment at the Kenosha plant.   He did not challenge that information in 2000.