1769 Radtke v. UAW-Chrysler Department

Case No: 1769


The notice of disciplinary action charged Radtke with leaving the plant without permission, but the testimony of the Local Union Steward established that she had permission to leave the plant, even if her absence that evening was considered unexcused. It is also clear, however, that Radtke’s supervisor let her know that leaving was not a wise choice. Radtke perceived the supervisor’s attempts to assist her on that night as harassment inducing stress, but the actions described in the grievance would not be likely to strike an impartial observer as inappropriate. If the case went to arbitration, Radtke’s inability to perform to management’s standards in the environment of this particular plant would have been evident. An employer has the right to impose standards, even fairly demanding ones. Under all of these circumstances, the International Representative’s conclusion that he could not achieve Radtke’s reinstatement through arbitration did not lack a rational basis.