1701 Sheets and Weills v. UAW Chrysler Dept. and Region 2B

Case No: 1701


The Wrangler Paint Shop (WPS) committee was involved in the transition of the paint shop back to Chrysler to the fullest extent anticipated by Article 19, §3.  Throughout this difficult bargaining process, the union met with the WPS committee members and kept them informed about the process.  The UAW-Chrysler Department provided WPS unit members with a summary of the terms of the transition on November 15, 2012.  An informational meeting was conducted on November 18, 2012, so that the affected members’ questions about the terms of the transition could be addressed.  The hearing officers for the IEB confirmed, and the WPS committee members acknowledged, that unit members were given an opportunity to ask questions about the terms of the agreement.  Following the informational meeting, a vote was conducted on the terms of the transition.  The WPS employees were never entitled to reject the transfer of the WPS unit back to Chrysler.  This type of business decision is not subject to ratification by the company’s employees.