1753 Shingledecker v. IEB

Case No: 1753


The Public Review Board does not have jurisdiction to review or evaluate the merits of the UAW’s collective bargaining policy. Shingledecker’s objection to the strategic impact of the union’s decision to allow all bargaining unit members to participate in the ratification process on the entire wage and benefit package presented by the 2015 National Agreement is exactly the kind of policy decision that we are barred from reviewing. We have considered challenges to ratification votes based on our authority to address violations of the democratic practices section of the Ethical Practices Codes. However, the possibility that providing certain employees with a voice in the ratification process may work to the disadvantage of plan participants does not violate any of the democratic principles articulated in the UAW Constitution or the Ethical Practices Codes. The bargaining units covered by the 2015 UAW-GM National Agreement include a diverse group of employees whose interests naturally conflict in a number of ways. The resolution of those conflicts at the bargaining table by elected bargaining representatives is an example of democracy at work, not a violation of its precepts.