1548 II Sonnier, Turner, and Turner v. International President

Case No: 1548 II


The appeals were remanded to the IEB for a decision on the merits after the IEB dismissed them as untimely. The appeals cannot be dismissed as untimely because they were submitted within the Constitutional time limits. In response to the International Union’s failure to investigate and address appellants’ claims, we will take jurisdiction. After reviewing the five appeals, however, we have determined that they may be disposed of based on the material we now have before us. All of the appeals assert charges pursuant to Article 31 of the Constitution or complaints of violations of the UAW Ethical Practices Codes. Although one of the charges did satisfy the requirements of Article 31, §3, of the Constitution, it would no longer be equitable to submit the charges to a trial committee in light of the amount of time that has passed. Much of the delay resulted from behavior on the part of appellants’ representative for which they must assume responsibility. Appellants’ Ethical Practices Complaints are procedurally defective and their other charges fail under Article 31, §3(c), of the Constitution in that they involve actions taken by Union officials in the conduct of their offices.

Reconsideration was requested and denied.