1696 Weller v. Local Union 2075 Executive Board

Case No: 1696


Weller’s removal from the position of local union chaplain did not violate any rights afforded him under the UAW Constitution. There is no general right to retain an appointment to a local union standing committee. The membership might adopt a motion opposing the removal of an appointee, but that is the limit of the process due to an appointee who has been removed from a position such as a local union chaplain. Article 33, §2(b) of the International Constitution specifically limits appeals regarding the appointment and/or removal of appointed officials on local union committees to the membership and provides that there shall be no further appeal from the decision of the membership on such questions. Any member might have introduced a motion challenging Weller’s removal in the context of the discussion during the membership meeting on February 21, 2013, yet there is no evidence that any member attempted to appeal the decision.