1686 Windau, Grevatt, and Wassell, in the Matter of Skilled Trades Members v. IEB

Case No: 1686


The IEB always has the final authority under Article 19, §3, to determine whether a contract should be declared ratified after it has been approved by a majority of the members participating in the ratification process. In situations where there has been a negative vote by skilled trades members, Article 50, §1(b) gives the IEB authority to determine what actions are appropriate to address the skilled trades members’ concerns. The language of Article 19, §3 is very open with respect to the processes that may be adopted where a separate vote on ratification is authorized by the IEB; there is no mechanical formula. It was not necessary for the Union to go back to skilled trades and obtain ratification of the measures taken to address their concerns in the 2011 UAW-Chrysler agreement.