1812 Michael v. UAW Local Union 6000

Case No: 1812


The Board applies a presumption that all elections conducted by a local union are valid.  To rebut this presumption, a challenger must show by clear and convincing evidence that some improper practice occurred to such a degree that it could have affected the outcome of the election.  Appellant’s election challenge primarily centers around the decision to conduct the runoff election in-house, with the assistance of the Local’s clerical staff.  Conducting officer elections in-house without outside professional assistance is not improper.  Neither the UAW International Constitution nor the Local 6000 Bylaws require the use of a mailing house or accounting firm.  Although Local 6000 has employed such outside assistance in prior elections, including the initial 2019 triennial election, the Election Committee was not obligated to continue this practice.

Appellant’s other allegations of election impropriety are similarly lacking.  He alleges that the volume of undeliverable ballot packages dramatically increased in the runoff election.  Election Committee members rebutted this allegation at the hearing conducted by the International President’s office.  Even if the Board were to disregard the Election Committee’s explanation, Appellant still has not demonstrated how the alleged increase in undeliverable ballot packages could have affected the outcome of the election by advantaging one candidate at the expense of the other.