1816 Boehmer v. UAW Region 1A

Case No: 1816


Appellant argues that the Union incorrectly evaluated the merits of her seniority claim.  The PRB reviews this challenge under its rational basis standard.  Appellant has sought the restoration of her initial hire date in several past grievances.  The Record indicates that the matter was fully considered and rejected in connection with those grievances.  The International Representative assigned to the most recent grievance also investigated Appellant’s claim and reached the same conclusion as other Union representatives before her.  Under the terms of the bargaining agreement in effect during Appellant’s 1979 layoff, she lost her seniority nearly ten years before she was rehired by the Company in 1993.  In addition to claiming that her seniority was wrongly determined, Appellant has asserted over the years that other employees were treated more favorably with respect to their seniority because they were improperly recalled before her.  However, Appellant has not produced any information to substantiate her claim that she was entitled to recall ahead of other employees.

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