1817 Hall v. UAW International Union

Case No: 1817


This case involves an appeal from International Representative’s  decision to withdraw Appellant’s termination grievance.  Accordingly, the applicable time limit under Article 33, §4(c) is 30 days.  Union members have a responsibility to abide by the Constitution’s time limits for filing an appeal.  In this case, there is no dispute that the International Representative advised Appellant in a phone conversation that he had withdrawn her grievance and informed her that she had 30 days in which to appeal his decision.  Nevertheless, Appellant did not file an appeal within 30 days of becoming aware that her grievance was withdrawn as required under the Constitution.  Appellant seeks to excuse her failure by arguing that she was waiting for formal notice to arrive by certified mail, which she claims never occurred.  However, Appellant does not claim that her oral communication resulted in any uncertainty regarding the disposition of her grievance, such that she needed to wait for written notification.  In addition, Appellant’s attempt to justify her delay is undermined by the substantial lapse of time before she decided to proceed without having received notice by certified mail.

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