1823 Pearson in the Matter of Robinson v. UAW Local Union 140

Case No: 1823


The International Union asserts that this case falls under the appellate limitation found in Article 33, §2(b) of the International Constitution pertaining to obviously correct interpretations of bargaining agreements.  As the PRB has concluded in past decisions, the Article 33, §2(b) limitation does not apply when complex or heavily contested contractual arrangements are at issue.  Here, the contractual provisions at issue are sufficiently complex that we do not believe this case is appropriately decided under Article 33, §2(b). 

Evaluating this appeal on the merits, the Board finds that the International Union rationally concluded that the Local President lacked the authority to reach an agreement with the Company to remove a Committeeperson from office.  Similarly, the International Union rationally found that Local President lacked the authority to reassign a department to the jurisdiction of another Committeeperson.  These determinations were based upon a reasonable interpretation of the National and Local agreements, and consistent with Article 45 of the International Constitution and the Local 140 Bylaws.