1824 Daudelin v. UAW Local Union 1435

Case No: 1824


Appellant challenges the refusal of the Unit Bargaining Committee to permit debate at a Unit meeting regarding Appellant’s proposed bargaining demand for changes to the Local Agreement concerning overtime opportunities for the Unit Chairperson.  In rejecting Appellant’s appeal, the International Executive Board focused on the Bargaining Committee’s authority to determine whether or not to put forward certain demands in bargaining.  Without doubt, a Bargaining Committee has wide latitude to decide upon negotiating priorities and strategy.  But that is not the issue in this case.  Instead, the issue Appellant raises is the extent to which the Bargaining Committee can prevent a contract demand from being put forward and debated at a Unit meeting held for the purpose of discussing and voting on contract demands.  The UAW International Constitution broadly protects the rights of members to express their views and participate fully in local meetings.  Therefore, the PRB finds that the proper inquiry in this case is to assess the Bargaining Committee’s decision to deny debate in light of Appellant’s interest in exercising his democratic rights.  Considered in this light, the Board finds that the Bargaining Committee’s rationale for precluding debate on the proposal does not withstand scrutiny.  The Committee incorrectly determined that Appellant’s contract demand was not a permissible bargaining topic at the local level.