1828 Collett v. UAW Local Union 292

Case No: 1828


The Local has restored the money taken from the Retired Workers Chapter Fund.  Because there is no further relief that the PRB could grant in this case, the Board must deny the appeal as moot.  However, Board finds it necessary to make clear that the Local’s actions were contrary to the UAW International Constitution.  The Constitution contains specific requirements regarding the handling of retiree funds.  Article 16, §9 directs that each local set aside dues money in a Retired Members Fund “to be used only to promote and support programs benefiting retired members.”  Article 55, §5(c) specifies: “Each Local Union Retired Workers Chapter Fund shall be held by the Local Union for disbursement upon the request for the Retired Workers Chapter.”  Thus, use of a Local Union’s Retired Workers Chapter funds for any purpose requires specific authorization by the Retired Workers Chapter in accordance with that Chapter’s bylaws.  There is no ambiguity in the Constitution in this regard.