1835 DiGiuseppe v. UAW International Executive Board

Case No: 1835


Through this Ethical Practices Codes complaint, Appellant seeks to undo the International Executive Board’s (IEB) appointment of Rory Gamble as UAW International President on December 5, 2019.  He further requests that a Special Convention be convened to select an International President and fill other IEB vacancies.  The Board finds no basis for granting such relief.  The resignation of Gary Jones created a permanent vacancy in the office of International President.  We agree with the International Union that Article 10, §17 of the UAW International Constitution authorized the IEB to fill the vacancy created by Jones’ resignation.  Nothing in the Constitution requires that the IEB call a Special Convention in order to fill vacancies, as opposed to exercising its authority under Article 10, §17.  The PRB also rejects Appellant’s argument that the IEB’s November 2, 2019 vote to authorize paid leave for Jones and appoint Gamble as interim President was impermissible and, therefore, that the IEB’s later permanent appointment of Gamble was tainted and must be set aside.