1836 Williams v. UAW Local Union 2069 Executive Board

Case No: 1836


Under Article 31, §3 of the UAW International Constitution, charges must meet certain minimum requirements before a Trial Committee is formed to begin the trial process.  The Local Executive Board is required to review the charges to decide whether the standards set forth in Sections 3(a)-(e) have been met.  Section 3(b) provides that the charges are improper and should be rejected if they are untimely.  The PRB agrees with the IEB’s finding that Appellant’s Article 31 charge against the Local President did not allege any conduct by him occurring within the 60-day time limit.  The Board also agrees that the acts alleged to have been committed by the Local President’s wife within the 60-day time limit cannot be imputed to him solely on the basis that the two are married.  Appellant’s charge does not otherwise claim that the Local President took part in the conduct attributed to his wife. 

Issues addressed in this decision