1831 Pratt v. International Union, UAW

Case No: 1831


The PRB agrees that the relief sought by Appellants effectively has been granted.  Appellants sought to have their Local removed from the jurisdiction of the Region 2B Director and the assigned International Representative.  The Regional Director has now resigned, and the International Representative has been reassigned.  Appellants other complaints regarding the handling of grievances and strike benefits have been addressed adequately.  Therefore, the Board finds that this appeal is moot.   As a result, there is no need for the PRB to address the International Union’s alternate argument that the appeal was untimely.  The Board also notes that the International Union investigated all of Appellants’ complaints and addressed them substantively even though finding nearly all claims to be untimely.  For this reason, too, it is unnecessary for the PRB to consider the issue of timeliness. 

Issues addressed in this decision