1832-II Houldieson v. UAW Local Union 551

Case No: 1832-II


In this case, Appellant protested the failure of UAW Local Union 551 to hold regular membership meetings as a violation of the UAW Ethical Practices Codes.  On April 12, 2021, the PRB issued a decision granting the appeal and ordering the Local to conduct an online general membership meeting within 30 days.  Local 551 failed to hold a meeting as directed by the Board and has not provided any satisfactory explanation for its failure.  Whether due to lack of competence, lack of commitment to rectify its Ethical Practice Codes violation, or some combination of both, the Local’s failure to follow the Board’s directives constitutes a dereliction of duty which the Board cannot ignore.  Accordingly, the PRB will continue to retain jurisdiction in this case and further orders the Local to report back to the Board following its next scheduled membership meeting.