1832-III Houldieson v. UAW Local Union 551

Case No: 1832-III


This matter arises from Appellant’s Ethical Practices Codes complaint based on UAW Local Union 551’s failure to hold regular membership meetings in violation of the International Constitution.  On July 1, 2021, the Public Review Board (PRB) issued a supplemental decision which directed that the International Union report back to the Board on the conduct of the Local’s membership meeting scheduled to be conducted in-person on July 18, 2021.  Local 551 reported that it did not conduct a meeting because it failed to achieve a quorum of 80 members.  It appears that the Local may not have clearly communicated the time and place for the meeting.  It also appears that the Local did not conduct a roll call of officers, as it is required to do under its Bylaws, even in the absence of a quorum.  The PRB remains concerned that Local 551 is not functioning in a democratic fashion.  Accordingly, the PRB orders the International Union to provide training to the Local on the proper conduct of membership meetings and to report back to the Board after each Local membership meeting for the next six months.