1845 Taylor v. UAW Region 1A

Case No: 1845


Appellant does not assert that the withdrawal of her grievance was motivated by fraud, discrimination, or collusion with management.  Nor is there any basis on the Record to suggest that any such factors influenced the handling of her grievance.  Rather, Appellant disagrees with the International Representative’s conclusion that she was not entitled to the Skilled Trades wage rate sought in her grievance.  However, the PRB will not overturn the grievance-handler’s interpretation of applicable agreement terms, provided the interpretation rests upon a rational basis.  Having carefully reviewed the facts, the Representative’s decision to withdraw the grievance was based upon a rational interpretation of the collective bargaining agreements applicable to Skilled Trades employees.  Appellant was treated consistent with the Union’s bargaining policies pertaining to Skilled Trades employees.  Thus, her primary argument is that these policies are unfair when applied to her situation, but that is not a proper basis for an appeal.

The appellate process is not a means to second-guess legitimate policy choices made at the bargaining table and ratified by the membership.