1855 Latif v. UAW Stellantis Department

Case No: 1855


Appellant does not claim that the International Representative’s decision to settle her grievance was the product of fraud, discrimination, or collusion with management.  Accordingly, the PRB focuses on whether the decision to settle the grievance had a rational basis.  The International Representative thoroughly investigated Appellant’s termination grievance but found that he lacked evidence to refute the Company’s claim that Appellant had failed to perform her job properly.  Under these circumstances, he reasonably concluded that further pursuit of the grievance was unlikely to obtain complete relief on behalf of Appellant.  Thus, the decision to accept a settlement returning Appellant to work without back pay was rational, even considering that Appellant is a high seniority employee. 

Appellant emphasizes that she was subjected to hostility in the workplace.  Although the PRB has no reason to doubt her claim of mistreatment, the Record makes clear that there was no evidence from which to argue that the termination was a result of hostility as opposed to deficient performance on the job as management claimed.  The International Representative looked for evidence that the Company held Appellant to a higher standard of performance than other employees, but ultimately could find none.