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1457 Sparrow v. Local Union 1250

Even after being counseled about the Company’s “Zero Tolerance” Policy, Sparrow commenced a series of offensive and aggressive gestures in August 2000, clearly intended to annoy and threaten his co-worker Lois Bergenstein. Both the words and the gestures were highly offensive, and the sort that could create a hostile working ...

1456 Mitchell v. Local Union 533

The Local Union was justified in its conclusion that Mitchell’s case could not be successfully arbitrated.  Mitchell was absent from work for more than three days and could not provide the necessary documentation to support his request for medical leave. The collective bargaining agreement has a provision specifically authorizing the ...

1453 II McComb in the matter of Tom Carnahan v. IEB

Carnahan’s request in 2002 for an investigation into claims that McComb received more money from the Local Union than he was entitled to in 2000 was untimely. If Carnahan believed that the retirement benefit paid to McComb in 2000 ought to have been deducted from his salary as Local Union ...