Non-dues financial obligations

1453 II McComb in the matter of Tom Carnahan v. IEB

Carnahan’s request in 2002 for an investigation into claims that McComb received more money from the Local Union than he was entitled to in 2000 was untimely. If Carnahan believed that the retirement benefit paid to McComb in 2000 ought to have been deducted from his salary as Local Union ...

1713 Schoenecker v. International Union

Schoenecker did not engage in financial misconduct within the meaning of Article 48, §5, of the UAW Constitution by claiming lost time based on the assignments he would have received as a member of the launch team. Throughout his term of office as financial secretary, Schoenecker submitted vouchers for lost ...

1750 Hubbard v. International Union

Given the genuinely ambiguous text defining the president’s compensation subsequent to the sale of the Saline plant, if Hubbard had submitted claims for compensation based on occasional, carefully documented, telephone calls and other demands on her time outside of business hours, her right to such compensation would be difficult to ...